Blast Freezers – Refrigeration Coolers

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  • Colmac BF and BFL Blast Freezer evaporator units have been designed to match the requirements of compact blast freezing systems. The units are arranged for blowthrough operation with fans and motors mounted on the air entering side of the coil. This configuration works well for developing airflow patterns in the confined spaces typical of blast freezing applications.
  • Colmac BF/BFL units also feature a very compact cabinet design. Fin spacing is variable to accommodate heavy blast freezing frost loads. Fins are spaced at 2 per inch on the air-entering side of the coil where frost accumulation is greatest, with remaining rows at 4 fins per inch. Optional cast aluminum fans are high efficiency airfoil type.


  • Capacities up to 30 Tons (104 kW)
  • Airflow up to 50,000 CFM (23,400 L/s)
  • Blowthrough Configuration with Horizontal Air Discharge
  • 50 or 60 Hz Operation
  • Halocarbon Refrigerants with Direct Expansion
  • Hot Gas, or Electric Defrost
  • 24, or 28 inch Diameter Cast Aluminum Propeller Fans
  • Severe Duty TEFC Fan Motors (Overload Protection by Others)
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Copper Tubes with Aluminum Fins


  • Premium Efficiency, and VFD Compatible Fan Motors
  • Steel Fan Blades
  • Insulated Drainpan
  • UL Listed Industrial Control Panels


  • Low Temperature Blast Freezing with Direct Expansion Halocarbon Refrigerants.
  • Blast Freezing Tunnels and Rooms.
  • Low Temperature Test Chambers.
  • Low Temperature Refrigerated Ships Holds (Marine).